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The personal debt crisis that many Americans are facing is becoming unmanageable and life-changing. First, people lose sight of their total debt picture. They have no idea what their true debt is because all the information is decentralized and often difficult to access. Second, people begin to believe that paying off their debt is impossible. [...]

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Until now, we’ve thought about energy as ‘always on’ and little thought is applied to when we use energy and what the economic impact is. However, the economics of energy are changing. ¬†Utility companies are remodeling the way energy is distributed and priced. At the centre of this change is the Smart Grid. Building on [...]

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As technology continues to evolve, it is quickly moving “beyond the box”. Today, technology does not require us to be tethered to a traditional device. Shortly, nearly every device we interact with will have a digital sensor. This will allow for the activities in our lives to be monitored at levels that we’ve never imagined. [...]

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Waterpebble is a novel device that monitors the amount of water being used when you shower. It memorizes your first shower and then, using it as the baseline, it visually indicates from green through to red so you know when to finish your shower. But here’s what’s so great about it, each time you shower, [...]

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Recycle Bank is a company that measures the amount of recycling a communities, companies, or individual produces, and the financially rewards them for taking positive green actions in their lifestyles. Here’s how they’ve put the idea of Personal Metrics to work when it comes to recycling … Recycle Bank has partnered with communities to place [...]