About Personal Metrics

The marriage of lifestyle and technology gives us the ability to measure our lives like never before. However, it’s not enough to simply gather data. Today, we suffer from having too much information and not enough meaning. We must move beyond measuring our lives and identify the meaning and effects of our actions.

What is Personal Metrics?
Personal Metrics is the study of how lifestyles can be changed through interpreting measured behavior.

Where did the idea come from?
Personal Metrics was started by Sarah Doody, a New York based user experience architect and digital strategist.

After being an active user of tools like Nike+, Mint.com, and Fitbit, Sarah realized the rise in products and services that help us monitor our metrics related to our behaviors and lifestyles. From this idea, Sarah wrote her original article called How Personal Metrics Can Change Our Lives.

Soon after, it became apparent that the idea of Personal Metrics was critical to the success of companies who want to lead in the service based economy. Individuals are not longer looking for single point experiences. Instead, they want to engage brands who create thoughtfully designed products, tools, and services that bring value to their lifestyles.

Sarah created Personal Metrics as a way to collect emerging ideas from around the world on how we can change our lifestyles through monitoring, measuring, and deriving meaning about our behavior.


About Sarah Doody
Sarah Doody is an information architect and digital strategist who specializes in product and brand development. Sarah currently leads user experience and design.

Over the last 10 years, Sarah has worked with Fortune 500 companies, successful start-ups, and non-profits to help them create unique brand identities and engaging experiences. Sarah enjoys advising starts ups on experience, design, and platform development. She has worked with New York and San Francsico based start-ups.

To learn more about Sarah Doody and her work her website www.sarahdoody.com, profile on LinkedIn, or partial portfolio of work.