Fitbit Aria: Removing The Friction From Weight Tracking

Fitbit Aria: Removing The Friction From Weight Tracking
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Fitbit, the creators of the small device that measures your daily steps, sleep, and flights of stairs climbed, is expanding their product offering to include a wireless scale. The scale, known as the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale was actually developed as a product based on feedback from the Fitbit user community who asked for an easier way to track their weight.

The introduction of the Aria removes a key friction point when it comes to personal data tracking – by wirelessly syncing your weight to the Fitbit website, users aren’t bothered with having to logon to the Fitbit website to input their weight and other information each day. The removal of this key friction point is genius. When it comes to personal data tracking, anything that can be automated, should be. This time savings gives people more time to review their information, and connect with and motivate each other. Further, it means that Fitbit users don’t even have to logon to participate in and contribute to the community. The very act of stepping on the scale in effect gives their “status update” that others can respond to or be motivated by.

What’s also smart about this extension of their product is that there is already an existing community of users. Fitbit users are already connecting with each other based on the data that they get from the Ultra Wireless Tracker as well as manually entering their weight. Therefore, the introduction of an easier way to integrate weight isn’t requesting that people change their behavior (share my fitness data and weight – are you serious?!) it’s just making the accessibility of that metric easier. This is a great lesson for product designers – figuring out how to take existing behaviors that people are comfortable with and making those behaviors easier or more automated.

The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale ships in April, but you can pre-order today.

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