Basis Science: The Story Of Your Health

Basis Science: The Story Of Your Health
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I have a growing concern that we’re innovating like crazy to develop devices, platforms, and systems to track data about our lives, but not doing enough about interpreting that data. What’s the value of data without context? What’s the use of information with action? What’s the purpose of aggregating metrics without assessing their impact? We need to do a better job at making stories out of our data.

Basis Science might be on the path to do just that. For the past year, the team at Basis has been working on developing the Basis Band – a wearable health monitoring device. What sets Basis apart is the technology behind the metrics. Other devices rely on simple motion through accelerometers or GPS which aren’t as accurate or personal as the metrics could be. Instead, Basis spent the past year developing technology that uses a series of sensors and monitors to track physiological changes such as galvanic skin response, blood flow, and a heat. Together, this data is analyzed through a series of algorithms to delivery data that maps to events an individual is interested in throughout their day – such as sleep patterns, calories burned, and physical exertion.

What makes the Basis Band amazing though is how much thought has been put into how a person would use, access, and make sense of this information. The team at Basis has truly spent a lot of time focusing on the consumer experience and figuring out how to distill the data into events that tell the story of an individual’s lifestyle and health. But the team at Basis didn’t stop at just presenting these events, they developed a platform for consuming, sharing, and visualizing the information. They also have integrated the concepts of Personal Metrics though making the consumer experience entertaining, competitive, visual, and rewarding.

Basis Science clearly has a great consumer first focus and a delicate balance between the marriage of technology and experience. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of the Basis Bands and see the product and experience for myself. With so many companies focused on collecting personal data. It’s great to see a company that’s thinking about how they can use technology to help people change their lifestyles and help people re-write the story of their health.

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