Using Personal Metrics to drive workplace performance

Using Personal Metrics to drive workplace performance
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The idea that measuring behavior can drive behavior is central to game mechanics. By providing players with performance cues, the player alters their behavior to get to the next reward. But can this concept that has been adopted by verticals such as health, fitness, and finance thrive in the workplace to motivate employees and drive performance?

A new Utah based company called IActionable is trying to do just this. In a company, engaged employees are 43% more productive and produce 23% more revenue. The problem? Only 30% of employees are truly engaged. This key problem of engagement is a challenge that is not going away.

The company is using game mechanics concepts and applying them to non-gaming applications. Most interesting is their application of game mechanics to improve workplace performance.

The company’s main product is called Engage Engine – a gamification platform that integrates directly into Salesforce. The platform instantly makes traditional leader boards and reward tactics much more useful and interactive. Effectively it engrains this deep into the working culture of organizations. The concept is not limited to sales organizations. Consider a customer service based organization. The principal could be applied to a call center where team members are competing to see who can have the most calls or resolve calls the fastest.

The idea is fascinating in that the aspect of gamification creates a path toward a specific goal, but also roadmap of small victories to achieve along the way. The concept of breaking goals into small, attainable tasks is something that becoming prevalent in our society today. Small, continues motion toward the larger goal needs to be rewarded. Our inherent psychology begs us to feel continuous improvement and progress. The concept of gamification in the workplace and specific feedback mechanisms in the form of rewards, levels, leaderboards and such are promising new tactics to increase employee engagement.

Further, the element of transparency among a team is fascinating with this model. We know that data driven feedback certainly can drive behavioral change. But the impact of peer to peer encouragement and competition is also central to behavior modification. It will be interesting to see if tools such as the Engage Engine not only drive competition, but also create a support system and platform form encouragement amongst team members.

Learn more about how IActionable is using gamification.

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