Jawbone UP – A wristband to deliver personal metrics on your health

Jawbone UP - A wristband to deliver personal metrics on your health
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Jawbone UP wristband

If you’ve been following this discovery of Personal Metrics, you know that I’m fascinated with the power of data to change our behavior. Understanding the impact of our actions is critical to behavior modification. Today at TED Global, the team at Jawbone a new hardware and software system that I am very excited about.

We have a health crisis in our country – we’re overweight, sleep deprived, and stressed to the max. And it’s not that we don’t want to change, it’s that behavior modification is hard. We are a society that was immediate results. Thanks to reality television shows that show drastic weight loss and improved health, we’re over inspired but under-equipped to take on our own health challenges. Well at least until now …

By the end of 2011, Jawbone will release UP, a small wristband with embedded sensors and connected to a smartphone application that tracks your daily behavior including eating, activity, and sleep habits. The device is completely waterproof and is no larger than a Livestrong band.

What will set Jawbone’s UP wristband apart from other devices is the companion (and free) mobile application that not only shows your historial and trending personal data, but also suggests how you should modify your behavior. Through assessing
all the inputs (not just the wristband data, but also things like your food intake – which you input by taking photos of your food!) the smartphone application provides simple suggestions for small daily improvements. Didn’t have enough water the day before? The smartphone application will nudge you to drink a little more the next day. Low on your protein intake? The application will remind you to have an appropriate serving.

The Jawbone Up wristband and smartphone application are the bestuse of Personal Metrics that I’ve heard of to date. The system employs all the principles of Personal Metrics – entertaining, visual, competitive, and rewarding. In an interview with TechCrunch, Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman said that what sets the system apart is that “It also can’t be all about data, you have to connect to what people do with that data and make it social and make it fun.” Rahman’s team clearly understands the intersection of data, behavior, and interactive engagement.

I’ve always though that the ultimate form of Personal Metrics lies in a system that suggests behavior modification for the user, rather than the user interpreting the data and making their own decisions on how to change their behavior. It seems like the Jawbone UP wristband is on track to do just this.

Head over to www.up.jawbone.com to get on the waiting list for more information.

PS – Hey @jawbone I’d love to test one it if you’re looking for people to test!!

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