Earndit: Rewards & Metrics

Earndit: Rewards & Metrics
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The rise in personal fitness devices has created an entire culture in the fitness community who is addicted to feedback about their progress. Digital tracking devices have enable people to get instant feedback that allows them to change course in order to receive specific results. If you’re training to get a personal best time on your next half marathon, applications such as NikePlus and Runkeeper can give you feedback as you run so you can increase your pace and train for speed. Similarly if you’re going for distance, you can program these applications to notify you as you reach certain distances during your run – coaching you to keep going as you get closer to your goals.

Applications such as these are changing the way we work out. It’s not just about going for a run. It’s about getting better. Doing more than you did before. And creating personal and measurable goals. However, another company is on the forefront of doing something else with these metrics that we are collecting every time we power up and workout.

Earndit is a company that is focused on giving people a little more motivation to exercise. Sure, we all want to look and feel great. But, the guys at Earndit are banking on the fact that for some people, that might not be enough motivation, and that tangible rewards from brands people love will what drives people to work out more and live healthier lifestyles. Here’s how it works:

When you sign up for Earndit, you connect any of your personal fitness tracking applications such as Nike Plus, RunKeeper, Garmin Connect, FitBit or Everytrail. Then, every time you log an activity, Earndit detects the activity and rewards you with a certain number of points. Points you earn on Earndit are redeemable for rewards that brands offer including things like custom energy bars, high end tea, mens and women’s apparel, jewelry, and cosmetics.

In addition to the tangible rewards from brands, Earndit also has integrated aspects of gamification and gives users certain trophies when they achieve various levels. As well, Earndit allows its users to compete against each other for a place in the group standings.

Earndit is definitely a company to keep an eye on. The quest for personal fitness is not going away any time soon. And as brands seek new ways to engage with consumers, Earndit provides an excellent way for brands to integrate them into the lifestyles of consumers. Head over to Earndit to connect your fitness apps and start earning rewards today.

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