Shorten your shower in a flash

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Waterpebble is a novel device that monitors the amount of water being used when you shower. It memorizes your first shower and then, using it as the baseline, it visually indicates from green through to red so you know when to finish your shower. But here’s what’s so great about it, each time you shower, Waterpebble slightly reduces the time of your shower to  2/3 of the original time, helping to train you to take shorter showers and use less water.

What’s really beautiful about Waterpebble is the elegant and thoughtful nature of the feedback. There are no sounds. It’s just simple visual feedback. By minicking the sequence of a traffic light, the visual feedback delivered by the device could not be any easier to understand and help you manage your water usage.

With worldwide water consumption According to Green Your, if every American used one less gallon of water per shower (on average, cutting your shower by 2 minutes), the annual water savings would be more than Finland’s domestic water usage for a year. Waterpebble represents Personal Metrics in its simplest form – marrying technology and lifestyle to affect change – in this case for your own life and the environment.

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