Informed lifestyle decisions with LoseIt!

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One of the main reasons that people struggle with losing weight is because they don’t understand the true connection between maintaining the balance of eating less and exercising more. LoseIt! is an iPhone application that aims to help people make better lifestyle decisions by providing them insight about the impact that each of their decisions has on their weight loss goal.

LoseIt! Food and Activity

A great feature about LoseIt! is the calorie budget. When you create your account, the application helps you determine a realistic daily calorie budget. Then, each time that you log food throughout the day, it automatically calculates whether you are over or under your budget. As well, you can set up custom options to track things like carbs, sodium, or fat. This feedback will help individuals understand the direct effect of what they eat. Also, the application will help individuals see patterns in their eating habits that they may not have noticed before.

LoseIt! Community Features

LoseIt! is also a community, which introduces the important element of competition. Companies who wish to use the principles of Personal Metrics needs to integrate some type of competitive aspect, either competition with other individuals, or with one’s self, and LoseIt! does both. In the case of LoseIt, competition is really in the form of accountability. LoseIt! automatically allows your activity to be sent to your friends. So if you go log a 45 minute run, you’re friends will be notified and might be motivated to go work out themselves. On the other hand, if you finish the day 500 calories over budget, you’re friends might be motivated to give you that emotional support that you need to get back on track. In this case, Personal Metrics isn’t just about using metrics to change your behavior, its understanding other people’s behavior and motivating them to change their behavior.

By combining transparent feedback about our actions and a community of like-minded individuals, LoseIt! is helping people make more informed decisions on their path to wellness.

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