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Recycle Bank is a company that measures the amount of recycling a communities, companies, or individual produces, and the financially rewards them for taking positive green actions in their lifestyles. Here’s how they’ve put the idea of Personal Metrics to work when it comes to recycling …

Recycle Bank has partnered with communities to place a special ID tag on the recycling bin of anyone who participates in the program. When the local recycling truck comes by for collection, the amount of recycling produced is converted into Recycle Bank Points and recorded in the participant’s account. Using the accompanying Recycle Bank website, participants can login to browse and redeem rewards that are available based on their current points balance. Some recent rewards partners include movie passes, grocery coupons, and hotel discounts.

Even if the recycling program isn’t available in your city, it’s still a great service because you can earn points through other activities such as recycling of electronics, enrolling in local green energy programs, and choosing vendors like Visa who offer a Green Visa card that earns Recycle Bank points.

We love Recycle Bank because they’ve made the task of recycling become both rewarding and competitive – two of the key principles of a Personal Metrics based strategy. We’re curious to see how Recycle Bank develops as more communities adopt the idea. Is it possible that in the future there could be streets, schools, or states competing against each other?

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